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Our Services

Miner Versatility and Optionality

Silicon Farms maintains relationships with top industry vendors for some of the newest miners, which can mine a wide range of varying cryptocurrencies.  Whether you're interested in in mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and or various other Alt Coins we can source the miners with the correct algorithms to help.  

Partnerships with Quality Data Centers

Silicon Farms maintains ongoing contractual partnerships with strategic data centers and colocation facilities that support the needs of our mining operations and operators.

Low Power Costs

Silicon Farms has access to incredibly cheap power (MWh) which enables investors to garner a higher ROI as a result.

Turn Key Customer service and Hardware Maintenance 

The Silicon Farms team oversees your investment end to end.  We source, maintain and ensure all machinery is maintained and fully operational.  Silicon Farms creates quarterly reports on the progress of your investment and ROI.

Our Transparent Fee Structure

Silicon Farms does not make any profit from an investor or client's mining operation until they have fully recouped their initial investment from the machinery.  Once an investor or client has recouped 100% of their initial investment, Silicon Farms retains 20% of all profits generated thereafter until the end of the investment period.

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