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Enabling investors to build scalable cryptocurrency mining operations. 

Get investment exposure to a new asset class by owning your own digital mining operation.

Silicon Farms specializes in building mining operations for investors looking to gain more direct (and less speculative) exposure to different cryptocurrencies.

Miner Versatility and optionality

Silicon Farms maintains relationships with top industry vendors for some of the newest miners, which can mine a wide range of varying cryptocurrencies.

Low Power Costs

Silicon Farms has access to incredibly cheap power (MWh) which enables investors to garner a higher ROI as a result.

Partnerships with Quality Data Centers

Silicon Farms maintains contractual partnerships with strategic data centers and colocation facilities that support the needs of our mining operations

Turn Key Customer Experience and Maintenance

The Silicon Farms team oversees your investment end to end.  We source, maintain and ensure all machinery is maintained and fully operational. 

Silicon Farms Builds mining operations and turnkey Investment vehicles

Silicon Farms enables investors to buy and invest in their own cryptocurrency mining operation, while also receiving tax incentives and annuities in a growing asset class for years to come.  Silicon Farms sources miners, partners with utility companies and data centers and oversee mining pool operations to ensure that our investors have a labor free way of gaining exposure to this growing asset class. 

Silicon Farms has partnered up with strategic clean energy utility companies that offer us low cost power so that we can deploy these various mining operations at scale.  Silicon Farms has also secured preferential treatment in various mining pools giving us preferential treatment and rates.

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Interested in learning more about how a mining operation of your own could help build a more diversified portfolio?

Reach out to us today to learn about how you can benefit from investing and deploying capital to build your own cryptocurrency mining operation.

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